“11:11 Vol.1 The Get Right” (2013)

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This was my 3rd full length project. This one…is special to me. It was my first attempt at “music therapy” after coming off of being 302’d, depression and suicide attempts from a broken relationship that was toxic. Often times in our work as “community artisits”, we’re almost not allowed to vocalize our own issues outside of the movements we engage in. Almost makes you feel less human and really just a “job title with skin”.

It was a valuable lesson I’m still wrestling with: “you’re allowed to complain when it involves other’s pains, but not allowed to complain about your own pain because…”. It allowed me to see how we’ve created a condition in society where on one side you reward people for being outspoken while on the other hand shame them for expressing something that made you feel uncomfortable.

No complaints = No change.

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