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It can be a lot to handle, especially if you aren’t a graphic designer or media manager. 

And not to mention how costly it can be for a business owner when you split the bill:

  • graphic designer (logo, flyers, ads, business cards, thumbnail images, etc.)
  • web designer (initial design, landing pages)
  • online/social media manager
  • content creator (videos, promos, podcasts, vlogs)


And that, isn’t sustainable. 

That’s where we come in. 

Unfortunately, designers and engineers are being phased out.

Not to the tech-boogie man A.I., but to the economy’s needs over time. 

Since most business owners would rather hire one person with the skill set of 5 people, rather than hire 5 people, designers and engineers alike find themselves being consolidated. 

Which leads to an increase in everyone’s prices as well as a scarcity of media-design services. Leaving businesses with little to no promo.

In an effort to change this, I’ve rebranded my media-design services to reflect being a Community Creative Director. 

Everyone works better with clear schedules. And one of the biggest challenges in media managing is having content that goes out on time, and specialists you can call at whatever time of day.

starting at




  • one logo (8 variants)
  • one Intro & Outro video (15 second max, each) 
  • one website design
  • 1 social media account managed
  • standard website maintenance



  • one logo (8 variants)
  • one Intro & Outro video (15 second max, each) 
  • one website design
  • 2 social media accounts managed
  • standard website maintenance
  • 2 pieces of content (vlogs, how-to’s, broadcasts, featured promos)

Web Maintenance vs. Content Creation


  • Uploading

    Taking a photo, video or other media file and sending it to the server (back-end of website).

  • Updating

    Updating the website's design theme, plugins and extensions from the back-end.

  • Tech Support

    Getting in touch with the individual plugin and extension developers when there's a bug, as well as connecting with web-hosting customer service.


  • Editing

    Taking a raw photo, video or other piece of media footage, and trimming it down to be further used or published.

  • Recording/Streaming

    Copying audio or video media data directly to an online server (streaming) or to a local hard drive (recording).

  • Designing/Producing

    Starting from a "blank canvas", creating a visual, musical, or other hybrid-media piece of content to be used or published.

* All websites are secured safely with SSL through our hosting *

* Logos and web designs are one-time designs per project, unless otherwise stated or negotiated *

For online stores, “store inventory” is billed separately from “site/web content”. 

All monthly service plans require a one-month deposit to cover initial design and website installation costs.

Need a bit more than the above packages?

I’ve been a professional Creative Director for over 10 years, and am the current Creative Director for Guardians of Sound’s Youth Hip Hop Orchestra here in Pittsburgh, PA. And from working at community organizations, orchestra and arts education programs, and multi-media studios; it’s evident you need a constant media component to your business model.

And from 2023 and beyond, we are seeing that this is more the new normal and not new trend.

starting at

Personal Creative Dir.


As your personal operator & technician, I do the maintenance & content making for you.

In our current economy, you may not have the time to make your own designs or quick promos like flyers, in addition to maintaining and updating the website and social media accounts. 

That’s where myself and fellow media colleagues come in to do that for you.

Site Hosting (add-on)


In addition to our web Operator and Technician services, we also provide web hosting services. 

We already know it’s a lot to have someone design a website for you. So us hosting the site saves you the headache and trouble of transferring it from our Sandbox to your own server, plus you get some of our Web Operator maintenance services free when you sign with us.

Teaching Artist


I’ve been a Hip Hop & Multi-Media artist for over 20 years now, ever since creating my own projects as a teenager.

Since 2013, I’ve been a professional teaching artist in Pittsburgh, PA, teaching media literacy and music production at community organizations such as 1Hood Media Academy (2013-2018) and Guardians of Sound’s Youth Hip Hop Orchestra (2016-present).

The courses I offer are flexible, revolve around media literacy and content development, and are tailored for remote/at-home learning and other accessiblity needs.  

We're not just your designer & media operator. We're also your consultant.

In our field, finding good help is hard to come by, especially help that is willing to listen and learn your needs. 

We don’t use the “one-size band-aid for every wound” mentality. You aren’t an invoice number or an untouchable ludite here. 

These services are for the community, and we all are the community. And if we can truly help your business or media problems, we will.

Interested? Give us a holler

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