Asking for a Hand from those I call Tribe

I never planned on making this page. For a lot of different reasons, especially in maintaining a sense of privacy.

And that’s why it’s hidden from public eye and only accessible through this link.

I’ll be frank with you all seeing this page, and do my best to not be crass, gratuitous or a “downer”.

So to get to it, in a nutshell

I know we’re all going through our own things. And have been, away from public eye. And it’s also why you don’t see me post a lot, and have been inconsistent with posting in recent times.

My mother, my Queen, and a few others have told me to ask for help. In one way I do, or at least I feel I do and am open to being wrong or taught better. And where I have asked for help or a hand in the past, has lead me more to not asking (like most folks I know do).

“I’m asking for someone’s Hand and not a Handout.”

I don’t say that out of pride or ego, and I think that does need to be stated. I’m also not asking for your wallet, purse or bank account (also wanted to make that transparent and not passive-aggressively apparent, if that makes sense). I just need to be as transparent as possible, and be clear in what I’m up against right now.


In short: since September 2023 I’ve had my gas cut, so no heat. Had my lights cut Oct 23rd, got them back on the next day, but that caused the electric stove to blow out. So cooking at home is out for now. 

Yes I could ask the renter’s office to fix this, but the bathroom lights been broke for two years now. And they tend to have the headset of when you’re behind on rent at any point (just the month of November), my experience is in feeling that it’s been more important to collect the rent owed than to fix whatever non life-threatening issues I’m having (like broken appliances.)

Some of y’all know my Queen, and some of you may haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet. We started dating in February, and I do intend on marrying this woman. Already got the family ring, now I just need the “husband wallet” as my Baba would say lol.

She went in for surgery on Oct 24th, and had 39 fibroids removed. She’s recovering at home well, alhumdulillah, but it has been a struggle in managing new step-pop duties and possibly losing my own home.


If I could have a moment of your time, please watch. And if you’re able to lend a hand, lemme know:

Thank you again for your time. Peace, wa Salaams

~ Das

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