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Common Types of Websites

Check out our website overview where we give a simple look at the most common types of websites people use and make.

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Web & Browser-based Tools


Canva allows you to create a number of types of media graphics such as videos, flyers, whiteboard presentations, logos, websites and more...All for free!


Bandlab is a free online audio production workspace that works right in your browser. You can create songs, beats and even do audio editing for projects such as podcasts or class lectures.

A.I. Tests & Reports

Testing A.I. Art and what we should know about it.

The Internet & Social Media

* coming soon *

Creating a Web Plan

Learn how to create and run any type of website, blog or newsletter

Video Channels 101

Learn how to create and run a proper YouTube/video channel

Audio Channels 101

Learn how to create and run a Soundcloud channel for your music or podcast

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