My Soul Called Life

On Season 1 of “My Soul Called Life”, we follow SoulMan IT on his creative career journey as a multi-media Hip Hop artist. 


"Keep The Beat Going" with SoulMan IT
"Ready Up" with SoulMan IT & Co.
Keep The Beat Going : Sampling in FPC with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25
Ready Up! : MANDO'S BOUNTY WIN! (Fortnite x SoulMan IT)
Ready Up! : Little Nightmares | EP:3 "...all diets aren't good diets..."



Fortnanigans is the home of Fortnite antics and “Fortography” (Fortnite + cinematography) done by SoulMan IT using the XBox One (OG & Series S)

SoulMan IT

SoulMan IT is now on YouTube! Watch IT make beats, jam sessions, media tutorials, gameplays & more!

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