Online Resource Map

Research & Development

  • A.I. Art Tests

    A portfolio of some of the testing we do with A.I. Art that use text and image prompts for the A.I.

Websites 101

  • Website Types

    Brief overview on 9 common types of Websites & Web businesses

  • Web Marketing with SocialTriggers

    Before I arrived at GaryVee’s YouTube back around 2014-ish, Derek Halpern was (and sometimes still is) my go-to marketer for online marketing.

Free Content-Creation Software (3rd Party)

Davinci Resolve is the go-to free video editor. Davinci is stacked with standard features such as effects, titles and transitions for FREE,  that are more commonly found behind online paywalls and other high-end freemium softwares. 

GIMP is the OG graphics design software next to Photoshop. From retouching up photos to creating your own flyers and designs from scratch, GIMP is the go-to. 

Bandlab is a free online audio production workspace that works right in your browser. You can create songs, beats and even do audio editing for projects such as podcasts or class lectures.

Canva allows you to create a number of types of media graphics such as videos, flyers, whiteboard presentations, logos, websites and more…All for free!

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