SoulMan IT

A behind the scenes look at SoulMan IT's creative journey in multi-media, Hip Hop & art.

My Soul Called Life

SoulMan IT's creative career vlog. 

Keep The Beat Going

Beat-Making & Sampling series with SoulMan IT & friends.

Fresh Air Flavor

Variety content on technology, multi-media & art, and how it affects the public.

Portfolio Vlog

A behind the scenes look at the creative projects of FAFM.

Research & Development

Join us as we explore the worlds of tech, multi-media and art, and how they now live in the same space called "the Internet".


Fortnite + shenanigans + cinematography...with a fly soundtrack.

Clip It!

A "Fortnite Best Of..." show of SoulMan IT & friend's best clips.

Map Wars

The 5-year in the making Fortnite Console Animated short film. 

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