Types of Front-End Widgets For Websites


Calendar Widgets allow you to display upcoming events as well as managing the tickets/seating. (Ex: Eventbrite)

Shortcode Cleaner

Shortcode Cleaner Widgets shortens the shortcode of your plugins for your website and app's, and still allows you to embed.

Link Cleaner

Link Cleaner Widgets take your long URL links, and shortens them for you. This makes for easier sharing (Ex: Bit.ly)

Product Builder

Product Builder Widgets allow you to edit and create 3d and/or real photo mockups of your product. (Ex: Vistaprint, Canva)

Page Builder

Page Builder Plugins allow you to build your websites in blocks, allowing anyone who doesn't know coding to build their own websites. (Ex: Elementor)

User Document

User Document Widgets allow you to edit, create and share documents with other users. (Ex: Google Docs. Google Sheets, Google Slides)

Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager Widgets allow users to upload and manage files within a cloud server. (Ex: Dropbox, Google Drive)


FAQ Widgets are used for creating guides around frequently asked questions that your users may have.

Audio Sharing

Audio Sharing Widgets allow users to upload and share your audio files such as new songs or podcast episodes. (Ex: Soundcloud, Audiomack)


Directory Widgets allow you to create and manage directories and profiles. These are common among realtors, landlords, universities, etc. (Ex: LinkedIn)


Appointment Widgets allow your users to schedule appointments, bookings, and advanced orders. (Ex: Smile Dining)

Digital Maps

Digital Map Widgets display an interactive map on your platform, and allows users to search via location (streets, cities, etc.). (Ex: Google Maps)

Search Engine

Allows users to search and ask queries within a database of information. (Ex: Google Search, Bing)
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