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Having your own website is easier than you think.

Once you know “what” you want your site to do overall for your end users, the next steps are pretty straightforward in designing the “how“. 


Before any design work is handled, you get a free website consultation where we outline :



=  the overall purpose of your website (“what kind of a tool is it for your end user?”)


=  your Domain Name and Hosting options


= your website strategy (“how do you want your site to work alongside your business & social media accounts?”)


= do you plan on operating the site yourself, or wish to have us or another 3rd party maintain it for you?



Why do we ask these questions? Simple. 



Myself and the team I hire’s job is to design and deliver you a website both you and your audience can use. With the added thought in mind of being able to easily expand on it, at your own pace. 


In other words, we’re not planning or creating a website that you can’t operate  or feel locked in to another “web development agency scheme”, because that’s an actual reality for some. And we’re not down with that. 



We want you to feel empowered and in control of your site, and not like you have a funny gizmo that’s always out of your grasp.



Your website is a tool for your business; no matter if that business is online or has a real-world space. 



Starter Website


Standard Website


For Web Hosting, Site Management & Content Management services,
please contact us so I can learn more about your needs and how I can efficiently help you.

Interested or still have questions?

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