Big Phill x Shade Cobain ‘GRAN SOMBRA’ LP Cover Design

I got the pleasure of designing the project cover for Pittsburgh’s DJ Big Phill and Shade Cobain’s debut collab ‘GRAN SOMBRA’ (translates into “big shade”).

Going off of what Phill was looking for design wise, I went with an old school vinyl album cover look. Looking at the finished product, in retrospect the initial challenges were

  • taking the original photos and giving them the “action-movie duo” look
  • scaling both of their bodies to around the same size, with two different image proportions to keep in mind (Phill’s picture includes head/chest/torso, while Shade’s picture includes head/chest)

After some design-tinkering, I was able to scale and adjust their photos on a square canvas, and build the remaining parts.

Because Phill and Shade wanted to go with a simple straightforward design approach, it made the creative process that much more fun. With their images now layered for the foreground, I could focus on giving character to the background; a vinyl record with celestial flare.

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