I need a Digital Street Team. You game?

First off, just want to thank everyone who has chosen to help me; via we know each other or one of my friends brought you here. Maybe you just stumbled here through a random Google search. Either way, thank you for your time.

I tried to make this page a bit more manageable and clear, compared to the previous pages you may have seen. THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK! This really helped with creating this new page you’re on now.

So hopefully this is more helpful and straightforward. Below is the main areas I could use help in right now. If you need more clarity please don’t hesitate to reach me and ask.  Send me a text message if we don’t have each other’s numbers; I get about 30+ spam calls a week and have been screening calls, so texting let’s me know it’s a real person.

DM me on Instagram or email at thesoulmanit@gmail.com

Things I need help promoting

Below are the main things I need help promoting right now.

Web Services are the priority because it yields the most revenue currently, and I need help in finding more clients. If a client wishes to have me for a monthly retainer, the option for that is listed as well. 

For the YouTube content, I’ve focused on promoting there because once you reach 500 subscribers, you can now show ads and get ad revenue. Since I have a variety network, the content is split between music making/beat making, gameplays, and other. This leaves you with the choice of what makes sense to promote on your own platforms like Facebook, Twitter X, Threads, Instagram or elsewhere.

Again, any clarity needed, questions, and even suggestions in reaching these two goals (clients & subscribers) just let me know.

Thank you again for your time. Peace be with you.

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